dahira mouttahabbiina fillaahi
  دائرة المتحابّين في الله
Dahira Moutahabbiina Fillaahi - Community of those who love each other for Allah's sake



  • The Ihsaane Mosque
  • Shaykh El Hadj Madior CISSE
    • Mame Madior Goumbo CISSE
      • The origins
      • The religious education
      • The man and its epoch
      • Relations with others erudites
      • The man and the posterity
      • The disappearance of Mame Madior Goumbo CISSE
  • Dahira Mouttahabbiina Fillaahi


  • Eid ul fitr (Korité)
  • Eid ul kabir (Tabaski)
  • Ramadan
  • Pilgrimage
  • Achoura (Tamkharite)

Events of the dahira Mouttahabbiina Fillahi

  • Maouloud or Gamou
    • I. What is the meaning of the burda that preceeds the Maouloud ?
    • II. On Seydi El Hadj Malick SY's steps : Instigator of Maouloud
    • III. Commemoration of Maouloud : the islamic proofs
    • IV. The 1st Gamou of Khalifa Ababacar SY at the Ihsaane Mosque
  • Ziarra
  • General meeting


  • Sharia
    • Fiqh
      • The purification
        • Pure and impure substances
        • L'accomplissement d'un besoin
        • The menses and lochies (delivery rules)
        • The qualities of the the purifying water
        • The minor ablution (djapp)
        • The major ablution (sangou djanaba ou sangou sett)
        • The tayammum (tiime)
      • The prayer
        • The general rules concerning the prayer
        • Moments and places for the prayer
        • Les appels à la prière (nodd et liqâme)
        • The direction in prayer (qibla direction)
        • Les modalités d'accomplissement de la prière et les conditions de validité de la prière
        • La prière en commun
        • Friday prayer (jumu'ah prayer)
        • The eid prayers (the two festivals)
        • La réunion des prières et la prière en cours de voyage
        • Le rattrapage des prières omises
        • The prosternations to make up a prayer
        • The funeral prayer
        • The fear prayer , the eclipse prayer , the prayer for rain
      • The Ramadan
      • The Zakat
      • The pilgrimage
    • Peace and prayer (hadhratou salaat and hadhratou salam) or how to live islam in a perfect way
    • The islamic salutation
    • Necessity of the permission before entering anybody's home
  • The Prophet of islam Seyduna Muhammad (PBUH)
    • Mimiya
    • Badyou
    • Salatou Ala Nabi
    • Burda
  • Tijaniya